Proof That Porn in the 1980’s and 1990’s Wasn’t for Women

28 Oct

Check this guy out.

Sexy, right?

Ron Jeremy, aka The Hedgehog, shot to fame within the pornographic film industry in the early 1980’s. A cultural shift away from the classically handsome, Apollonian male porn star came about after feedback from consumers suggested that

1. They wanted to see themselves getting the ‘hot chick’, and

2. That at the point of arousal, pornographic viewers didn’t want to be looking and thinking about a handsome man, for fear of anything ‘homo-erotic’.

As if female porn stars didn’t have it bad enough. A joke within the industry at the time was that “the kinkier acts some actresses would not perform were bestiality, sado-masochism and sex with Jeremy.”

Jeremy holds the Guinness Book of Records ‘Most appearances in Adult Films’, with over 2000 porno’s under his belt, and an extra 290 he has directed.


A Little History of Eroticism

27 Oct

French post-structural theorist Michel Foucault stated that since the Victorian age our culture has been obsessed with sex but has channeled this preoccupation into the discourses of science. As a consequence, we have lost an ars erotica, the idea of a sexual ‘art’. There is a long tradition of eroticism in the art of Western culture up to the invention of photography. A history of eroticism is of course also evident in eastern cultures, with the infiltration and longevity of the Karma Sutra a standout in the pack.

For example, Marquis de Sade (1740 – 1814) was a French aristocrat who wrote erotic pornographic material, which was very violent. The plays and fantasies largely depicted women in positions of powerlessness. His infamy for this type of violent, pornographic literature resulted in his name being used as a description for the acts; ‘sadist’ and ‘sadism’.

The 18th Century wasn’t exactly known for its proliferation of laws and rights to women, let alone sex workers. Its disturbing to think even parts of his extreme stories could be played out in real life. Think ‘King’ Joffrey from Game of Thrones, and the way he treats prostitutes. You’d be on par with the stuff Sade was penning.

The history of violence in pornography, in particular to women, is fascinating in western culture. Looking back gives us an opportunity to understand some of the ingrained aspects of contemporary pornography practices.


23 Oct

In 1980, porn star Linda Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace) released her third autobiography ‘Ordeal’, stating she was coerced and forced to work in the adult entertainment industry by her abusive husband, Chuck Traynor. The abuse and sexual assault detailed in the book is shocking and incredibly sad, however skeptics questioned Boreman’s credibility and reasons behind her tell-all, ten years after her initial pornographic film.

She was paid $1250 for her role in the highly successful 1972 film Deep Throat, which Traynor pocketed. Boreman played a woman who was only able to achieve climax through the act of fellatio as her clitoris was located in her throat… that’s right. Those porn writers sure do have wild imaginations.

Check out the trailer for the film Lovelace released earlier this year. We’re not saying it’s a good movie… but everyone loves a good story, right?

How do you feel about the representation of women in porn poll

23 Oct

10 Things That Porn Gets Terribly Wrong About Women and Sex

20 Oct

10 Things That Porn Gets Terribly Wrong About Women and Sex

 Anna Pulley’s ‘10 Things That Porn Gets Terribly Wrong About Women and Sex’ is a humorously written article on serious misrepresentations of women bought about through the porn industry. Pulley’s insights into society’s understanding and acceptance of what they are exposed to through porn are utterly astonishing. Read it for yourself and prepare to be shocked!  



Chris Brown and A Nation of Raped Boys

15 Oct

Chris Brown and A Nation of Raped Boys.

Mr. Marcus Against Mandatory Condoms in Porn [VIDEO]

15 Oct

Boom 103.9 Philly


In recent weeks several adult entertainers have come forward to speak out about the spread of HIV in their industry.  Actress Cameron Bay was one of four porn stars to be diagnosed with the virus this year, and condemned the owners and producers in porn for not doing enough to protect the actors. However, some in the biz feel like there is only so much you can do to protect people from sexually transmitted diseases in an occupation where you have lots and lots of sex.

“I don’t think condoms are as effective as people want to say they are,” says adult entertainer Mr. Marcus, who tested positive for Syphilis, in a recent interview with “They break and they come off. The fact that they are trying to force it on our industry, it’s something that should be an adult’s option. It should be their…

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